Behind the Lens

Documenting the Essence of the Moment

My goal is to photograph clients in authentic situations so that the essence of who you are is documented for generations to cherish for years to come. Moments pass so quickly, and in a day that most of us are tethered to a device of some sort, it is easy to miss out on those moments. 

I use prompts to keep my clients moving creating a photojournalistic style that allows the emotion of the moment to read through the images. Each photo documents the nuances that show the human connection in an authentic manner.


My clients and I have a great time during their sessions. We don't take things too seriously! It's about having fun and making those memories, allowing me to create unique, edgy portraits that feel classic, yet modern.

From events, to sports, to families, to boudoir, I can do it all! I typically use black and white images to help further the story of the moment, which allows everyone viewing the images to actively participate in the story.

If you're looking for a photographer that can truly document the essence of who you are and your connection to those that surround you, while keeping the session fun and light-hearted, then I'm your photographer. Let's get your session scheduled today!

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