When you choose Be Present Images for your photography needs, you will have a unique experience that will allow the essence of the moment to be documented for you to enjoy for years to come. I work to create authentic interactions in order to capture the connection for you.


There will be three appointments:

  • Our planning meeting

  • The photoshoot

  • And the viewing and ordering meeting


Prior to your session, we will have the planning meeting that will allow me to get to know you better.

-What is your vision for the shoot?

-Who are these images for?

-How do you like to display images in your home?

-How many people will be involved?

During this meeting you'll be able to see products that are gallery worthy and discuss the packages and collections that Be Present Images offers clients. 


During your photoshoot, I will use prompts that make your session fun and engaging. The prompts keep you moving and interacting so that the images you receive are personal and full of emotion. You're making memories when you choose Be Present Images. Just say "NO!" to stiff and awkward portraits. We will have a great time and not take things too seriously which allows me to capture those unique, true to you images!


The images will be ready for viewing and ordering about two weeks after the photoshoot. We will look at each image in your gallery and decide on favorites. Those favorites will be used for various products based on the collection or package that you choose.


This appointment will take some time, and I prefer to do this face to face in order to help you make those tough decisions...what's one supposed to do when you have so many fabulous images available?!?! 

All three appointments will be scheduled during our initial call and after your invoice for your sitting fee has been paid in full. You will receive calendar appointments to help with scheduling.

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