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Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Holy moly!

Who ever thought we'd be where we are today; where we will be for a while now?

It's crazy, right? All of a sudden the entire world stops. Everyone that is able to is working from home. We have so many heroes out there putting themselves in harms way trying to help everyone out. Always look for the heroes!

So, during our down time, we have been taking walks and trying to get outside as much as possible in order to not go completely crazy! I have also been working with the twins on learning how to work my old Nikon d5500, which is a great starter camera. They are learning how to handle adjustments to the exposure triangle...we only work on manual! :)

We are trying to focus on the positives.

-We are getting time that allows us to be together without having an agenda or a schedule.

-We are getting more rest.

-We are cooking a ton and using up a lot of food that we had stored in our deep freezer. LOL

-Our girls are starting to step up and help out without as much prompting.

What are you doing during the quarantine??? What is your #newnormal?

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