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Document the Moment!

Since we are all at home together, I’m going to challenge you to document your daily routine! Each day you can focus on a different part of your day, and after this is done not only will you have some great photos, but hopefully you will have had some time that you were feeling creative and a bit more normal!

Day one: Eating - There is a local Cotton Candy maker that allowed us to order online and they delivered to our house! The girls were all excited to try the different types of flavors. See if you can order a special treat and document that to remember later!

Day two: Cooking - Eva has been baking...we are all enjoying it! This was her first attempt at making a homemade buttercream and it was so delicious! What have you been making for you and yours???

Day three: Playing a game - Here you can see that Eva and Christian are playing a game, but the twins are up to no good, and I'm at the back minding my own business with a tasty beverage! LOL!!! We are enjoying creating this family images with a touch of sarcasm in them!

Day four: Cleaning - I'm going to have to take some photos of this...I feel like we are always cleaning!

Day five: Exploring - On this day, I took the twins out for a photo walk! We went down to the greenbelt behind our house with their iPods and my old Nikon dslr. I am teaching them how to work that camera on manual mode, and we talked about them using the photos from both devices on their blogs!

Day six: Reading - Another one that I'm going to have to play catch up with!

Day seven: Having fun - We have been planning out basic ideas for us when we are together and then adding sarcasm to it. I bring out all the lights and my camera equipment and we work to get the image just right. Then I play with the edits and make adjustments. The result is a super fun and unconventional family portrait! I think I'll be printing this one!

I can’t wait to see your images! When you post them use the hashtags #bepresentimages and #essenceofthemoment

Have a lot of fun with this! Be creative! Maybe this will help you see some things in a different light!

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