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During #covid, I'm not conducting photo sessions...here's why.

Social distancing literally means stay at home and only interact with those in your immediate household and go out for essentials only when absolutely necessary. In Texas, they have mandated all non-essential businesses to close, so shooting in any professional capacity is in violation of that mandate. Even by staying the recommended distance from even one client is in violation of the mandate because photography is a non-essential business and has been ordered to be non-operational.

It is an interesting time for all of us, and it is frustrating for those that had sessions scheduled that have had to be postponed or cancelled, but we are all in this together and I am doing my part to hopefully make this end sooner than later. The sooner we all do our part and stay home, the sooner we can get out of this #newrealty.

What can you do meantime? Document everything. Everyone has a phone that has a decent camera on it, so use that if you don’t have a camera.

-How are you entertaining yourselves?

-What are your routines?

-What new meals have you tried? Were they successful?

-Document playing outside, or the beginnings of spring.

Try to see the beauty that is surrounding you. Just keep it to you and your immediate family members for now.

We are experiencing an event that will go down in history and will be reflected on for generations to come. The photos taken during this time will help tell your story, and the story of the world! So get out and start documenting! Focus on the beauty. Find the interesting. Seek the curious. It's a nice way to distract yourself!

I will be working on putting together some tips for getting great shots with your phones soon!

Meanwhile, stay home. Stay safe. Stay healthy!

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