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Family Moments

We have all gone a bit stir crazy in our house! We miss our normal. The quick run to the store. Having lunch with friends. Being able to see loved ones whenever we'd like. It's hard. But, we are finding other ways to play together and have a good time!

One thing we are doing is staging a family photo at least once a week. These always include a sense of sarcasm and definitely help show our family's personality!

This was the one that started it all! Christian needed a photo for his work showing how working from home was going and it needed to include family if you lived with them in your house. The puzzles were already out and the furniture was just the way you see it. The only thing really staged here was giving the twins the clippers...we'd NEVER give them clippers in real life!

This was one shot that I edited within Lightroom and Photoshop.

Shot with my Nikon d850 and my Nikkor nifty fifty with two continuous lights. I used the timer to give myself 10 seconds to run to my spot and assume the position!

The next one was totally designed by my husband! He wanted to showcase his and Eva's love of video games and the naughtiness of the twins. I inserted myself reading with a glass of wine! LOL!

Shot with my Nikon d850 and my Sigma Art 24mm prime lens with one continuous light and my on camera flash set to bounce off the ceiling as the room is smaller with a small window and it was getting later in the day. I used my timer for this session too. For this one though, after basic adjustments within Lightroom, I had to use Photoshop to put three images together. All of us together is one image. Ana with the water is one image. And Elena shooting the gun is one image.

This next one is an inside joke for all of us! Christian is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and our BJJ family has always wondered / asked if I'd join him on the mat one day. My answer has ALWAYS been NO! I love watching it and photographing it, but I'm not ever going to practice the art. Never!

Now...we get hit with stay at home orders and all gyms close...hmph!

So, for my husband, I did put on a gi...yes a full gi...and we headed outside to mock up me winning a match with a bow and arrow choke against my black belt husband while wearing my heels! It's really quite hilarious!

For this one I used my Nikon d850 again with my 24mm prime lens. Even though we were outside and the sun was shining bright, I used my flash to help with the shadows caused by the sun being overhead. The timer was set, but with my heels and the mat, I wasn't the one running to the shutter, so my twins took turns hitting the button and running to the mat to get into position.

For editing, I did have to combine a couple of photos here. I started with basic adjustments in Lightroom and then combined the images within Photoshop.

This last one I have...for now...was an idea I had with my twins. These two will graze all day long, if allowed, so I wanted to show them getting caught in the refrigerator! It turned out great!

I used my Nikon d850 with my Sigma Art 24mm prime lens and the on camera flash bounced off the ceiling. No timer on this one since I wasn't in it, so I got to just keep shooting, which was fun!

Look at their faces!!! HAHA!

This is a single shot that was edited within Lightroom and then finished in Photoshop.

This style of shoot is super fun and can be built around any idea that shows your family's personality! If you love these and would like to do something like this for your family, message me! I'd love to collaborate with you and make your ideas come through to fruition!!!

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