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Fear Not the Unknown...It is a Sea of Possibilities!

Here in Fort Worth, it's been pretty warm, but let's be honest...we've had warmer Mays! But you know what warm temperatures are good for??? Swimming!

I have always felt drawn to the water. It soothes and calms my soul. Lucky for me, our twins are the same! If there is a body of water, it doesn't matter if it's man-made or not, they want in! (I love that!!!)

On the day these images were shot, a storm was brewing. We knew our time could be cut short. Before the storm hit, we got in some great shots!

...and then it was cut short, so we took a break, visited with family and ate, and then the twins and I got back in once the lightning was done.

That meant the sky was dark and gray...not a sliver of sunshine to cut through the water.

You know what???

That was OK! Look at these dark underwater images. They have a much different feel that the normal bright and happy underwater photos I have shared. These feel mysterious and unknown, but within the unknown is a sea of possibilities!

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