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Fort Worth Snow Photoshoot

How crazy has this weather been??? It was almost 80 on Monday and by Wednesday we had sleet and snow with temperatures in the twenties?!?! Texas weather is something special, for sure!

The twins were so excited when I picked them up from choir practice and frozen stuff was falling from the sky...although it did sting a bit if it hit your skin, so when it turned to snow they were elated! We immediately bundled up, got some warm boots on, and headed outside with my camera. We didn't stay out long because it was so cold, and we just had spring two days prior, but we stayed out long enough for the girls to catch some snowflakes on their tongues, and for me to get some great shots of them together.

Now the question is, do you prefer the color or the black and white images? Why do you have that preference?

Personally, I'm a sucker for black and white. There's a classical look to it that is timeless, but I also love the fact that the person looking at the photograph gets to engage with it and help tell the story.

Did you get some snow shots??? Let me know!

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