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Tip for taking photos with your phone - take 1!

We all have these amazing devices we carry around in our pockets today, so let's put them to use. (They have more computing power than what was used to help get us to the moon!) If we have that much ability in our own pockets, why are we not using it to help tell the story of this event?

Let’s face it...this will be discussed, analyzed, and talked about for generations to come. The impact of Covid on the way we do everything has yet to be determined, but it’s going to affect more than we could ever expect. That being said, while we are safely in our homes with loved ones, we need to be documenting everything. Try seeing the beauty and fun in what was once the mundane. How you might ask...play with the angles.

The first image here was taken as just a snapshot from the line of sight angle. Nothing fancy, nor is it overly impressive. Frankly...it’s pretty boring.

But what happens when you shift your angle? Take a look at these three images side by side. Which do you prefer? Why?

I think I prefer this one right now. I love how much of the story it tells and I love the angle that the photo was taken.

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