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Want to see before and after???

There is so much equipment available to anyone that will do an amazing job with your photos and videos...so why do you hire a professional photographer? Here is why...

When I take my underwater shots, they will always be blue/aqua in tone under the water. This makes the skin look greenish and sickly. There is also a lack of contrast under the water because of the way light filters through, creating a haze.

This is the initial image taken.

I import my images into Adobe Lightroom and find a custom white balance, and do basic color adjustments, leaving me with this...

From there, I take the image into Adobe Photoshop and make further adjustments and remove anything that I don't want to be there.

Then all images are taken back into Adobe Lightroom and exported from there.

Here is another example:

First is right out of camera. Next is basic adjustments within Lightroom. The last image is the final image.

The process takes time and each image is touched and edited by hand.

This is why you hire and pay a professional photographer!

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