My current project that I'm working on is called The Light Within Me. This project is about women; a project to highlight what makes us creative and unique along with the beauty, power, and diversity of women. It has evolved from basic headshots, to groups together, to boudoir style images, to nudes. There is a different group of participants each time, and that keeps it very fresh.


All of the participants are volunteers that are part of my Facebook group. You can join the group, or a friend that is in the group can add you. Once in the group, you're able to see images from previous shoots, ask questions, and most importantly have access to the events that are scheduled. Many shoots are free to participate in, but some have fees based upon travel and/or location fees. 

I have two goals for this project:

  • The first is to create a community of women that lift each other up and helps each of us straighten our crown when it is needed.

  • The second is to host an art show highlighting the beauty that I've been allowed to capture! 

Want more information? Just ask!

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