THINGS I LOVE! - Where to focus during Covid-19

Listening to:

-Jazz Relax on Spotify

How we are staying connected:




-Facebook Messenger

How we are doing self-care:

-Daily walks with the family and dogs

-Virtual time with family

-Photographing anything and everything

What we are watching:

-finished Tiger King

-Money Heist on Netflix

-West World

-family movies that are chosen each night by a different person



-being able to see my husband when I'm working at my desk

-home cooked meals

-daily walks

-the smiles from the kiddos

-working near my loved ones

-my office is super dog friendly!

-teaching my girls the joys of photography

-being able to update my blog

-connecting with family and friends virtually

-being able to try out those Pinterest recipes and discovering they are delicious!

-sidewalk chalk

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