One of the most common questions I get from clients is "What should we wear for our session?" Here are some tips that will help as you work to tackle this challenge!

1. Coordinate, don't match.

Start simple with a color you love and build from there. Mix and match colors so that everyone flows together. Focus on timeless instead of what is super trendy right now.

2. Give yourself TIME!

Start looking at clothing options earlier...even have children try on what you would like them to wear to ensure it still fits, that way if it doesn't you have time to make adjustments. 

3. Avoid being seasonal.

Think of your home and where you may want to display your photos. If you'd like to add seasonal items in some images, utilize things like scarves, jackets, hats that can be easily removed giving you multiple looks easily.

4. Comfort is KEY!

Do you want everyone to look happy in their images? This will be a struggle if everyone isn't comfortable. This will make your session more fun and enjoyable, which will lead to more images to choose from!

5. Avoid patterns and characters.

Some texture can be a good thing, but having multiple patterns or very fine patterns can be distracting in your images. Choose one person to have a pattern, and use that pattern as the color palette for the others involved in your shoot.

Family photos are moments in time that you want to remember and cherish for years to come. Having your portraits done should be a fun experience for all of you involved! 

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